Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mercedes Benz diesel

I need help i have a 1972 Mercedes Benz diesel and i have heard you can run fryer oil and motor oil is that true?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet Safety

A kid named Billy Bob found a friend on Facebook he wanted to chat, his name was Van Dom said then out of the blue i wish you were dead. Billy said why? he said cause you ruined my life.Billy was so confused, he took his dads 44. Magnum and shot him in his head. Billy was eight when he died ,when his mom came home she called FBI cause billy caused suicide to himself . When the FBI showed up they asked Lisa where his computer was. She said upstairs when they came to his computer his Facebook was up and tracked vans account just a block away from there house so they went and arrested him to go to court for a trail of cyber bulling.The jury found him guilty , now he is in prison for 30 years to life. While Billy's mom  is still trying to forget the sight of his son splatter all around there room this is 10 years after the accident. While van Dom was executed for stabbing a guard.